Friday, February 6, 2009

Not for the Birds

Have we lost all sense of decency, all feelings of compassion?

In an eerily apocalyptic manner, some 3,000-5,000 birds dropped from the sky after being poisoned and all residents could say from the fallout is, "we should have been notified."

It seems a New Jersey farmer thought it would be a good idea to rid his farm of starlings because they were feasting on feed meant only for his livestock, mainly cows and chickens. Apparently, the starlings were hungry themselves.

The brainiac farmer enlisted the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the two set out to kill the starlings by poisoning them, only to find more starlings a few days later. The poisoned birds ended up drifting from the farm and, quite literally, dropped dead in trees and on the cars of frightened residents. However, instead of being outraged at the audacity of the USDA to spend taxpayer money on such an ineffective and senseless act against thousands of innocent birds, homeowners were merely insulted that they weren't given advance notice of the plan.

A representative for the USDA reportedly said "It's not that we don't like starlings, our intent was to assist a local farmer with a problem."

Once again, animals who interfere with the production of beef and poultry are deemed disposable and are mercilessly exterminated by the powers that be- humans and their selfish interests. Many non-farm animals, such as these starlings, are considered a "problem" when they impede a $40 billion industry that kills farm animals in such dizzying numbers (10 billion a year), that it makes 5,000 birds look like a mere drop in the bucket.

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