Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Love Got to Do With the McRib?

During this holiday season, I find myself wondering whether we have become so desensitized to the marketing and mass consumption of all things - even living beings - that we no longer recognize the meaning of love. In their latest commercial, McDonalds tells us through song that love is the McRib sandwich, while actors pathetically consume it in a hypnotic-like state. Sadly, this idea of being in love with a product, that once was a breathing, feeling animal with a beating heart, is about anything but love.

Is it loving to chain pregnant female pigs (sows) to 2 x 7 foot gestation crates for most of their adult lives (2-3 years) so that they can't move, causing them to excrete on themselves and endure painful ailments due to a lack of movement? And when these sows are reproductively spent and slaughtered, do we consider this an act of love? And what of their babies, their piglets, who also will end up on someone's plate? Female piglets face the same fate as their mothers, never knowing a day of rest or leisure; they repeat the cycle as machines in the production of pigs, while males are crammed into pens and fattened for slaughter. Though, first, they all suffer painful mutilations without anesthesia; their tails are cut off to prevent tail biting (a result of confinement and lack of space) and their ears are notched for identification purposes- all in the name of commerce. Slaughterhouse workers have even been caught on hidden video throwing piglets and slamming them against walls. And we call this love?

This is the reality of commercial animal agriculture and the mass production of life. It is a sad state when animals, specifically farm animals, are treated as mere commodities; when people turn blind eyes and deaf ears to their screams and sorrows, as if they simply don't matter. Last month, 925 pigs, confined to a barn on a Pennsylvania farm, were found dead. Some of their starved bodies were found outside the barn, indicating that some pigs had managed to escape just before they perished. Local authorities reported that the farm owners left the property in August, abandoning the pigs to die awful deaths. Animal agribusiness tells us not to think twice about it; that it is acceptable to treat living beings this way. The end product is a McRib sandwich, made from cruelty, torment and despair. And they call this love.

It is heartbreaking and shameful that we can make light of "loving" a sandwich but have no concern for the animal who suffers every waking moment of his or her short life on Earth just to become that sandwich. Make no mistake about it; love's got nothing to do with it.

Show animals compassion and love by not eating them. Go Vegan!

Click here to learn more about pork production.

Urge the Fulton County District Attorney to criminally prosecute those responsible for the neglectful treatment and death of 925 pigs at a Pennsylvania farm.

Photos courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

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Amy Bigge said...

Great Article, Bethany. This is yet another reason why I don't watch t.v. - to avoid these kinds of marketing campaigns. The general population is wooed into conusming the product (mind you, with 'sex' surreptitiously intertwined), without giving a thought to the once-living beings they are eating.