Sunday, April 3, 2011

Media Series Examines Connection Between Animal Rights and Gay Rights Movements

Our Hen House, the all-media online clearinghouse for all things animal rights, has recently launched “The Gay Animal,” a compelling and revelatory series combining videocasts and blogs that examines the relationship between the animal rights and gay rights movements. The Gay Animal series will focus on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT)/Animal rights connection through insightful and honest profiles of LGBT-identifying individuals who are leaders in the animal rights and vegan movements.

Our Hen House co-founders Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan are also committed domestic partners, and have first hand knowledge of the intersection of the gay rights and animal rights movements. Says Our Hen House Executive Director Singer of the series, “In addition to the potential for awakening ourselves to others’ plights and fights, exploring the connections can give us deeper insight into the dangers inherent in the ‘othering’ mentality—you are different than me, which gives me the right to….” She adds, "Our Hen House's ‘The Gay Animal’ series aims to connect the dots between the LGBT and animal rights movements.”

The first installment of the series profiles Nathan Runkle, Founder and Executive Director of Mercy For Animals, one of the leading organizations in the farm animal rights and vegan movements.

Says Singer of the choice to feature Runkle first in the series, “Nathan epitomizes what it means to speak up for animals. He has used that platform to also speak against violence and inequality aimed at the LGBT community, by, among other things, marching behind a banner that says 'No one is free when others are oppressed' at gay pride parades, all the while leafleting with 'Go Vegan' brochures."

In Our Hen House’s beautifully produced video, the Mercy For Animals’ leader states, “Our community understands oppression and we understand being the center of unjustified hate and intolerance, and being treated different because people perceive us as being different from them…. Animals are oftentimes subject to oppression and exploitation because people consider them very different from us, even though in many important ways they’re very much like us, and they deserve the same consideration.”

The series will continue to look at the words and actions of those LGBT individuals who are making great strides for animals and for fellow members of the LGBT community.

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Click here to watch The Gay Animal Series' first installment on Nathan Runkle.

Source and photo courtesy of Our Hen House

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