Thanks for visiting my blog. I started The Vegan Vine in 2008 because I wanted an outlet to express myself and to address issues from an ethical vegan's point of view. I also sought to counter the bias and speciesism in mainstream media.

A majority of vegan blogs are food related and while I like trying new recipes, I wanted depth, to be challenged, and to challenge others on activism and social issues. So, I created the blog I needed to read. As my blog has developed and evolved, so have I in my veganism, activism, and writing.

Some words that best describe me: minimalist, activist, environmentalist, and anti-capitalist. Veganism and nonhuman rights advocacy rightfully pertain to every aspect of my life, not just food.

I enjoy reading, writing, studying history, and watching football and baseball. I continually strive to practice MOGO living (Most Good, Least Harm) and limit my impact on the natural world.

I earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Rutgers University and completed a graduate teaching program for secondary social studies at Arcadia University. I am also a certified Sustainable Building Advisor and LEED Green Associate.

My reporting and commentary have been featured in Food for Thought, the Princeton Packet, Bastard Nation, and the Intelligencer.

I wish to thank anyone who has ever read my work, shared it with others, and supported me and my vision for a vegan future free from abuse and oppression. The world is vegan, if you want it!

How Do I Go Vegan?

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Go Jules Go said...

Hi Bethany! So glad I found your blog! I just came to your About page after commenting on your investing post and LOVE that you used "MOGO" (which I mentioned in my comment) - I am a current student of the Institute for Humane Ed (embarking on my thesis in the comment months, hence my research)! Look forward to reading more. -Jules